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About Bob

Bob Merritt showcasing a fish he caught

After Seminary, Bob pastored a small country church in Falun, WI for five years with an annual salary of $11,000 and no staff. After Falun, he got a doctorate in Communication at Penn State, and then came to First Baptist in White Bear, MN, a church of 300 and 3 staff that in five years grew to 2000 and 30 staff.


Five years later, Bob faced a series of crises that nearly cost his career, church and family. The counseling and coaching that followed, infused a depth of insight and humility that enabled him to lead one of our nation’s most impactful churches for 20 more years.


Today, Bob delights in helping pastors who’ve reached a degree of success, but have hit some sort of challenge, that with a little help and encouragement, can release them into predictable levels of growth and stability.


Bob's the author of 3 books, proud dad of 2 kids and 7 grandkids, and lucky husband to his HS sweetheart, Laurie. When he isn’t speaking, advising or coaching, he likes to golf, hunt, fish, bike and read. He won’t be playing pickleball.

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