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Bob's coaching can help pastors and teachers become dynamic communicators, until every message is predictably great.

The pressure to craft and deliver impactful, biblical messages week after week exacts a toll on senior pastors that few know about. Paul told Timothy “Devote yourself to the preaching of God’s word.” It’s a high bar that takes discipline and focus, but not impossible. Bob’s gentle coaching has helped hundreds of speakers reach a higher level of effectiveness and satisfaction in their preaching.


Why does it matter?

Bob believes that impactful, biblical messages are the main catalyst to church growth. They need to be “predictably great” because the competition for people’s time isn’t other churches, it’s kid’s sports, entertainment and work.


Different than advising, coaching develops pastors and teachers in their communication and preaching. Prior to meeting with pastors, Bob watches 3-5 messages on video while taking pages of notes. He then provides personalized feedback that highlights a teacher's unique strengths and areas for growth. 

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