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Bob leans on decades of experience (and pain) to help pastors and churches overcome struggles and meet the demands of ministry.

Bob Merritt during an advising session

Most pastors and church leaders today are weary and quietly wonder if they’ll survive without burning out, losing their family, or making a career-ending mistake. They feel the pressure that comes with leading and speaking but worry that if they reveal their struggles they’ll be perceived as being weak, so they suppress them and hope for relief.


Bob’s own struggle with unmanaged stress and crippling self-doubt has given him deep empathy for pastors who often just need some encouragement and perspective. Bob’s gentle spirit and wise counsel is often the link that helps pastors regain their joy and finish well. One senior pastor said, “I have never felt so understood and seen after talking to Bob.”

Bob Merritt delivering a prior sermon at Eagle Brook Church

Bob's Advising Focus

Advising can be as simple as a conversation, or it can be a formal meeting with your board. Common hurdles pastors and churches face include:

  • Sustainable Pace

  • Mission Focus

  • Senior Pastor Compensation

  • Debt-reduction/Elimination

  • Cultivating Major Donors

  • Weekend Excellence and Execution

  • Multi-site Expansion

  • Executive Team Structure

  • Succession planning

  • Awareness of blind spots 

  • Helping HR work for you

  • Preventing a moral disaster

Bob encountered each of these challenges and handled some of them well. Others nearly ended his ministry, but he survived to share the lessons with others.

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