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A master storyteller, people repeatedly say “It was like he was talking directly to me.” Bob’s humor and unassuming manner draws people in and allows them to apply God’s truth to their daily lives regardless of age or background. 

Bob believes that everything rises or falls on the weekend message for a church. He also believes that the Bible speaks to every human need. That's why the best kind of teaching takes biblical truth and applies it to the daily needs that people have. According to Bob, “Life is hard and people are increasingly fractured. And when they step through the doors of a church, they don't need to be reminded how messed up they are but how loved they are. They long for a message of hope, that only comes through a life-changing relationship with Jesus.”

Topics of Expertise

Looking to have Bob speak at your church or conference? Whenever Bob speaks he starts with humor and ends with heart. With biblical truth always leading the way, his sweet spots include:

  • Building a Great Life

  • Decision Making

  • Character Building

  • Finding Your Purpose

  • Failure and Achievement

  • Wisdom

  • Forgiveness

  • Marriage

  • Parenting

  • Anxiety and Fear

  • Hurt and Loss

  • Hope

  • Belonging

  • Joy 

  • Self-awareness

  • Knowing Jesus

  • Spiritual Growth

Bob Merritt delivering his final sermon as the lead pastor of Eagle Brook Church


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