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Pastors and Churches Thrive


Bob Merritt is the retired pastor of Eagle Brook Church in MN, that became a church of 28,000 and 10 locations under his leadership. Today, Bob helps pastors and churches navigate the heavy load of leading and speaking that can feel overwhelming.

Bob has a big heart for pastors and church leaders who’ve had some success but have reached a leadership challenge that if not overcome could turn into a crisis. During his 35 years of ministry Bob encountered virtually every personal and professional struggle known to pastors. Looking back, he realizes how valuable seasoned counsel would’ve been. This is now what Bob hopes to offer fellow pastors in the trenches.

A Message to Pastors & Church Leaders


Areas of Expertise

To Help Pastors & Churches Thrive


He Connects Biblical Truth to Daily Life

Bob takes teaching to the next-level by combining biblical truth with practical application.

Topics include:

  • Building a Great Life

  • Decision Making

  • Character Building

  • Finding Your Purpose

  • Failure and Achievement

  • Marriage & Family

  • Self-Awareness


With Decades of Seasoned & Trusted Counsel

Whether it's a chat over coffee or a strategic session in the boardroom, the right advice at the right time can propel us toward our goals. Because Bob has learned as much from his failures as his success, his sage advice comes from a place of humility and empathy. His commitment is to listen first, ask questions to gain understanding, and then offer a way forward. Bob has helped dozens of church boards, pastors, and executives navigate through their challenges.


For “Predictably Great” Messages

Bob specializes in equipping pastors and teachers to master the craft of message writing and delivery—ensuring that their words resonate deeply with their audience. In a world filled with distractions, it's essential for communicators to capture attention and cut through the noise. No matter how gifted someone is or isn't, everyone can get better.

Impactful. Practical. Quick Reads.

Author of Three Books

Done With That - Escape the Struggle of Your Old Life, a book by Bob Merritt
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